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Our little people need to know who they are, and the language will help them discover how powerful they truly are.

D. Stanger

The academic content areas are presented and classes are designed to strengthen the cultural identity of our students.  We use the Montessori approach of child-centered learning, which is involves on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative activities. It is a stress-free, fun and effective way to learn our Native language and all academics.


We spend a significant amount of time outdoors experiencing our studies, including the seasonal round, firsthand through the natural world.  


It is our goal to provide quality education that meets the needs of each student. 

Enrollment Process



For returning students, click the link below to fill out the enrollment forms.


NEW Students: Apply For Admission 

To begin the admissions process for new families, please click the link below.


To request transportation to and from school, click the link below. This service is very limited; so, if at all possible, we encourage you to transport your children.

Our School Year
  • School Year from September to early June 


  • Summer Session/Camp in July

  • 2019-20 School Calendar, click link below:

Involved Parents

"I truly love hearing our children speaking our beautiful language.  I can't wait to see them blossom as they get older into our future teachers.


I pray the school continues to flourish and teach our old ways."

~Tim Erb 

məlqnups iʔ‿mistəms

(Golden Eagle’s dad)

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