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Welcome - way' kn ckicx

The people of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation are made of distinct tribes or bands. Three indigenous languages are spoken here. Our languages (nqilxʷcntət) have not been spoken in our homes as first languages for well more than a generation. While only a few first-language speakers remain, that is changing. 

Hearts Gathered works to revitalize Okanagan Salish (nsəlxcin) by operating the Waterfall School, a language immersion Montessori school located on the Colville Reservation near Omak, Washington. We serve children ages 2.5 to 12 years old in two classrooms: a Primary Classroom (ages 2.5-6) and an Elementary Classroom (ages 6-12). 

The Waterfall School is creating a beautiful new category of speakers -- the emerging speakers. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about what we do and how you can be a part of our work.

We are a non-profit corporation organized for educational and literary purposes- specifically to preserve and promote the use of the Native languages on the Colville Reservation.  

Hearts Gathered Waterfall School is a gem on the Colville Reservation. It is helping revitalize nsəlxcin by immersing students in nsəlxcin while grounding them in our rich cultural heritage, language and world academia.

The Montessori educational approach is a framework that fits beautifully within our cultural values.

We created an informative document to learn more. Please click on the button below.

We Will Open 2020-21 School through Distance Learning

We have decided, based on the current community health conditions, to begin the 2020-2021 school year using distance learning as our exclusive mode of education. As conditions may evolve, we will be engaging the parents and may consider other educational formats.

We will address gaps in connectivity and technology access so each student has a sufficient opportunity to continue their learning outside of the classroom. This means we will be providing laptops and external hard drives, as needed and appropriate, to students as resources allow.

Our tools and techniques to deliver distance learning to our children will include:

  • Video lessons. Teachers can record every lesson and every read aloud so children can access on their own time at home. During video lessons, teachers can show not only how to use the actual materials that are in the classroom but then also show the children how to use the remote materials the children are given.

  • Using programs for virtual learning, such as:

    • Transparent Classroom is an online classroom management and parental engagement program that will be used beginning this school year. Transparent Classroom securely holds information about the students and allows parents and teachers to work together to track the progress of children working at home. Teachers can upload lessons through this program that the children and parents can watch remotely. Parents or students can also enter comments or upload pictures of work accomplished and teachers can update the child’s progress.

    • Khan Academy and other online academic programs. Teacher will set up the classroom account, get parental permission, create accounts for students, and monitor the student activity and progress.

  • Learning materials in the children’s homes. Teachers can go to their homes to drop off school supplies and learning materials. Teachers can also show children and parents how to make materials.

  • Home visits. This provides the opportunity to meet with parents and children one on one. Parent-teacher conferences can be done this way. There are different ways of doing home visits, such as writing notes and leaving them in the driveway.

  • External hard drives. Teachers can put video and other lessons on these hard drives and deliver them to the students.

We are a 501(c)(3) Native nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS.  Your contributions are tax deductible.